DIY Alhumdulillah Tree. This was so easy to do!
Supplies needed; branches, card stock or scrapbooking paper, ribbon, a vase, glue, hole punch and scissors. I tried to use what I already had on hand, except for the vase which I got on sale for $6 at Hobby Lobby. (Love that place!)
Step 1: Make a template for the moon and stars using firm cardstock. To make the 8 pointed star template you first cut out a square, trace it, then turn the square and trace again.
Step 2: Use the templates to trace and then cut out different colored papers Punch holes in all of the shapes.
Step 3: Make a tag or cute little sign that says “Alhumdulillah”. I also tied a bow around the vase.
That’s it! Super easy!
My plan is to have my family write something before iftar each day! Although with 6 children the tree may fill up too quickly but that may be a good thing, InshaAllah :)
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