Don’t forget to make this Ramadan special for your children.
Do not neglect them during this month because you are ‘too busy’ with work, cooking or ibaadah, as investing in your children’s love of Islam is a great act of Ibaadah.
Here are some tips to make Ramadan special for children:
1) Countdown to Ramadan before it begins (my kids have been doing this since two weeks ago)
2) Countdown to Eid during the last week
3) Recite some Qur’an to them daily before Iftaar and discuss its meanings with them (on their level)
4) Go out to look for the new moon together
5) Wake them up for Suhoor (kids love waking up to eat at odd hours)
6) Have Suhoor and Iftaar as a family
7) Make fun Eid plans in advance and discuss them with your kids throughout Ramadan to keep their excitement levels up
8) Older kids should fast, but younger kids should be encouraged (not forced) to stay away from food and drink as long as they can manage, without demanding too much of them.
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