may Allah bless all of us this month with peace of mind, peace of heart, strength of eeman, and utmost motivation to do the best we can, within Ramadan and outside of it. May He allow us achieve our goals, and become the best versions of ourselves, always in pursuit of obeying/pleasing Him.
Ramadan Mubaarak!

I love Ramadan because that kid who never prays, prays. That girl who never covers, covers. That guy who never fasts, fasts. Even if its just for a month at least these ‘types’ of people have tasted the 'sweetness of faith’ for just one month. And perhaps months later down in life, if their life ever becomes bitter - they’ll refer back to Ramadan and yearn for that same 'sweetness’ they sampled just that one month. People call them “Ramadan Muslims” but I call them “Muslims who may only need Ramadan to change.” #Ramadan #Mabrook let the #fasting commence inshallah it is accepted Ameen
Ramadan kareem!
Tomorrow is the start of Ramadan! I’m actually very excited, and I have a feeling that this one will be very nice.
Even if you are not a Muslim, you should always do good things and have good energy (charity, selflessness, etc.) and keep others in your thoughts. Go out and help someone, volunteer, just be the best you can be.
#Ramadan #Mubarak to all my @muslim #sisters and #brothers around the #world may Allah give us #sabr may our #sins be #forgiven and may Allah give them who have nothing or little. In this month we realize how #blessed we are with everything almighty God has given to us. Let’s be kind and #tolerant to each other no matter what race or religion we are!
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