Laylatul Qadr makes the last 10 days of Ramadan even more special than it is. The last 10 days are special because it is when the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would exert himself even more than usual. The exact night is not actually known, so it could be any of the last 10 nights, however some scholars are inclined towards believing it is on one of the odd nights. Regardless, we should all increase in obedience and acts of worship such as prayer, making dhikr (e.g. Subhan'Allah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaha il Allahu, Allahu akbar etc.)  and reciting the Qur'an.
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“We descended the Qur'an in a blessed night, Indeed we are warning mankind. Therein (that night) is decreed every matter of ordainments.” (Qur'an: 44:3-4) 

Laylatul-Qadr is the most blessed night. A person who misses it has indeed missed a great amount of good. If a believing person is zealous to obey his Lord and increase the good deeds in his record, he should strive to encounter this night and to pass it in worship and obedience. If this is facilitated for him, all of his previous sins will be forgiven.
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Laylatul Qadr - What's the best thing to do during these holy nights?

The best form of worship on the 'Nights of Destiny' or 'Layatul Qadr' is to gain knowledge about Islam and have the intention to become nearer to Allah (Swt) with this knowledge. Supplications and other things are important but scholars stress on gaining knowledge as it is the most beneficial aspect of these holy nights.

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Shab-e-Qadr, is the night for us to wake up... Not staying awake.  O Allah, bless us with the taufiq to wake up, this shab-e-qadar ‪#‎LaylatulQadr‬
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There's only about one week remaining in Ramadan. This could be the most important week of your life. With the blessings of Laylatul-Qadr still possible to come, this week could be the determining factor whether you are from the people of paradise or the people of hell-fire. This week could be the difference between receiving your book of deeds in your right hand versus your left hand (or behind your back). Therefore, O Muslim, won't you take this final week of Ramadan seriously?

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