I’m super excited and can’t wait, Insha'Allah. I know this is a time for growing, learning, and becoming close to Allah swt. I do my best to set goals and learn and grow and everything, but I can’t help but to feel lonely. I wish I could spend the blessed month with a Muslim family. I wouldn’t want to burden anyone, but it would be so, so nice to have suhoor with people and to even read Qur'an with others. If there was a way to do that, to have a host family, I’d totally pay for it.
I know I could always go to the masjid, but it isn’t like I could really spend time with anyone. Especially after Taraweej there wouldn’t be enough time. I’m going to go to the masjid as much as I can, obviously, but I don’t know if it’ll help. Insha'Allah it will.
Ugh. I know I shouldn’t focus on that and just focus on the month, but it’s hard.
Any other converts feel that way? What helps you feel better during this month?

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