Less than 30 days to arrive our most respected guest, Ramadan. In'sha'Allah very soon, I will be off Tumblr and all other social media for good and try and focus on gaining as much as hasanah as I can. Whoever reads this, please remember me in your dua, in case if I die before I reach the blessed month. I make dua, may Allah bless and protect the believers and secure Jannat Al Firdaus for all of us. Aameen.

We are few days away from seeing the beautiful lanterns light beautifully at night, and having the houses and streets decorated in the nightlights for an entire months.
We are also few days away from having family gatherings Also from taraweeh and qiyam el leil prayers, and reciting the Quran together with a group.
We’re few days away from the entire family gathered in front of the table while staring at a very wide variety of food lying there on the table while we’re glancing at the watch waiting for the Azan or canon, and literally jumping at the food when it’s time and then suffering from the endless piles of dishes that await us afterwards   
I honestly cannot wait until Ramadan it’s my favorite time of the year. Inshallah this year will be beautiful for everyone especially reverts, and I hope you will be able to share the joy of the Holly Month with someone very soon.
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