By the grace of Allah another month of Ramadan is around the corner yet again and I wanted to let all my non-Muslim followers to be aware and respectful of your Muslim followers and their practising of their faith

In the western countries this year due to daylight savings many of my Muslim brothers and sisters will be fasting for well over 17 hours and some of us will be studying for exams and assignments and finals. It will be a trying and testing month but Allah rewards those who have patience. Remember to use those precious few hours we have after iftar to hydrate and eat energy fuelled food as much as you can. And have faith in your creator for hardship is followed by ease.
Ramadan is a month where we try to get as close to our creator as we can and it is a month where we reflect on our life and lifestyle and try and better that. In this materialistic world we often forget to thank Allah for even the ability to breathe. With the worldly luxuries abstained take the time to reflect on yourself and truly be grateful for the things you take granted. Give to a charity with a cause that is close to your heart but make it so that your left is not even aware of your right hands deeds.
Ramadan gives us the opportunity to better our selves for the sake of Allah, so don’t waste it as a another month. Welcome it like an old friend and ready yourself and try and make it your goal to keep the good habits you’ve picked up to stay with you after Ramadan.
Allah knows best
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