eating/living healthy: Ramadan is a month of discipline and getting rid of bad habits. eating and living a healthy lifestyle is the duty of every muslim seeing as how our bodies are not ours, but in fact a temporary abode given to us by the almighty, we must respect it and treat it in a proper manner.

memorizing Quran: I have always dreamed of being able to memorize Quran, but my poor memory skills and lack of motivation always stopped me. inshAllah in this month I will be able to fight these negative aspects of myself and train my mind to learn and understand the Quran, even if it’s just several verses.
reading: I want to spend most of my time gaining knowledge and increasing my intellect. it is easily said, but hard to follow. god willing I will be granted with the tawfiq. I want to read both literature and islamic books on history, theology and philosophy
writing: as someone whose only means of understanding themselves is through writing, I need to spend more time on it and better my writing abilities.
becoming an overall better human being
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