I love ramadan. There is something about it that is so fullfilling and wonderful. The sound of waking up to your parents endlessly calling your name to wake up for suhoor. The dua, prayer, zikr, and ibadat that gets done throughout the day. The anticipation moments before iftaar time starts and you can eat. The feeling of complete peace while standing in a row in the masjid with your fellow muslims filling up the rows all around you and listening to the beautiful quran during tarawee. The striving of everyone to become a better muslim. The newfound appreciation for the food we take for granted. The feeling of contentment and wholeheartedness in your heart.
I want this ramadan to be life changing. I want to concentrate only on allah and become a better muslim and fix my weak points. I want this month to be filled with sakina and contentment in my heart. And inshallah i want these effects of ramadan to last and to stay with me even after the month of ramadan is over. May you all have a blessed and life changing month of ramadan.

As much as everyone is excited for Ramadan I pray that fasting goes easy for everyone since everyone has to go 17 hours or more (depending on where you live) in the humidity.

The Qur’an is your companion in seclusion, you guide in times of deception and your solace in times of agony.” 

#Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment. #Quran 2:183

The fast of #Ramadan is a declaration to the Nafs and the entire world that I am not your slave but the slave of Allah 

#Ramadan Fear your Lord, worship him through out the day and night in the most blessing month of the year. Repent while you can.

#Ramadan makes you realize the importance of each drop of water.

#Ramadan is the time for us to feed our souls, not our stomach.

The doors of Jannah are opened wide, and the doors of hellfire are closed shut.

When the Nafs demands food, we feed it. When it demands sin, we satisfy it. But in #Ramadan the tables are turned against it. Shell-shock!

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