Introducing the Ramadan Battle Plan, a 3 month calender and 24 hour planner to help you maximize the most out of your goals this Ramadan.

  • Plan your prayers daily (including Sunnah, Fard, and Taraweeh)
  • Record water intake
  • Sunnah Size it! section allowing you a chance to build small sustainable habits. Insha’Allah
  • 3 Months featured: Sha’ban, Ramadan and Shawwal
  • Reminders for the White days of each month as well as Laylatul Qadr (based on the USA days)
  • Dua list 
  • Arabic glossary
  • Pace yourself reading Quran to complete your goals
  • Track your progress
  • Each Quranic Juz’ is provided with the name of the Surah and the verse

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