Let’s face it, reading a just a day can be tough, especially if you’re not at all day and have to work etc. BUT, it can be done. You just have to find a schedule that works for you. Really, 20 pages isn’t a lot at all. And you feel SO accomplished when you finish. 
A lot of people suggest reading 4 pages after each salah. Honestly, this is the best idea ever because, if you’re like me, it can get a little tiresome to read 20 pages all once when you don’t sound like Abdul Basit reading Quran. At the same time however, I have kinda slacked these past few days because it’s been hectic during the day. However, don’t back down! I decided that i’m just going to read 10 pages (or a little less) until I get back on track. 

So set a goal for reading Quran this Ramadan and whatever else you want to get done. Don’t tell yourself it’s too late, because it never is. BUT. Keep it realistic or you’ll never stick to. Don’t set goals like “Memorize Juz Amma in two weeks”. It’s doable, yes, but ask yourself HOW doable? And will I able to do other things, like focus on prayers, du’a etc

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