What A Night !!
Wake One Another !!
No Night Could Be Better, And
No Gift Could Be Better Than A Guide,
For The Journey Of Life !!
It Is Recommended To Spend,
A Part Of The Nights In Prayers..
“Seekers, Winners, Sleepers, Losers” 

When Allah Is Accepting Duas
In Lailatul Qader,
May Yours Be One Of Them.
When He Is Forgiving People,
May You Be One Of Them.
When He Is Showering His Mercy Down,
May They Land On You.
And When You Meet Your Friends & Relatives In Jannat…
May I Be One Of Them.AMEEN
Do Remember Me In Your Prayers Friends…
“Allaah Has Made Laylat Al-Qadr
In This Month,
Which Is Better Than A Thousand Months,
As Allaah Says:
The Night Of Al-Qadr Is Better
Than A Thousand Months.
Therein Descend The Angels And The Rooh
[Jibreel (Gabriel)]
By Allaah’s Permission With All Decrees,
There Is Peace Until The Appearance Of Dawn.”
Laylat Al-Qadr Mubarak.
Comes The Time Of
“Lailatul Qadar” And
The Last Ashra Of Hope
And Salvation,
I Feel The Need To Ask
Forgiveness From You.
I Might Have Hurt You
Intentionally Or Unintentionally,
Back-Bite About You,
Ignored You , I Truly Asked
For Forgiveness. I Might Have
Made Fun Of You And Laughed
Along With Others. I Am Sorry
I Am Just Human. Your
Forgiveness May Be The Means
Of Less Pain For Me On The
Day Of Judgment.
Please Remember Me In Your
Duas Inshallah
And That I Have Forgiven You
Too For The Sake Of ALLAH …

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