As we grow nearer and nearer to the beginning of Ramadan, inshaAllah, I want to take a moment to ask of each and every one of you the same thing I ask each year:
Step out of your comfort zone and ask a revert how they are doing.
This Holy Month is one of the best and worst months for many reverts, especially in their first few years. Yes, it brings us all closer to Allah swt, revert or not. It gives us a chance to seek forgiveness and a new start. It is a great month to really immerse yourself in the true meaning of Islam: submission to the Almighty.

But, more often than not, it is still a lonely month for many of us who are new to Islam. Many reverts may be fasting for the first time in their whole lives, let alone every day for an entire month. Many reverts are still beginning and breaking their fasts alone. Many are praying alone, are learning alone, are feeling incredibly alone.
So try to go out of your way, and if you know a revert, ask them how they are. How they truly are. If they are well, and if they need anything, and if maybe, even, they would like to break fast with you once or twice this time around. Maybe even pray with you once or twice this year.
Just bear that in mind as you go through this month inshaAllah.
May Allah swt let us all see the beginning and end of Ramadan this year, the next, and many more to come. May He accept all of our fasts and prayers in this holy month. And may
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