Ramadan 2017

For Ramadan in the past years I usually tried to read the entire Quran. This year, InshaAllah, I want to read it in English. I think it’s important that I understand what it is saying rather than just reading. InshaAllah I want to post a quote a day during Ramadan from what I read that day, and (maybe) talk about the context. So excited! I know to others it may be absurd that i’m looking forward to it, but it truly is a spiritual awakening. It makes me feel refreshed in the inside.

And may the long summer days remind us of the less fortunate of this world. Ramadan is to feel what millions of other, less fortunate people feel
 Ramadan is from 27th May. I am going to fast half the day, Lord willing, and be in prayer.

But like am I the only one excited about Ramadan. I get way too excited I mean how can you not be it’s like the best time of the year for me. I’m so at peace with everything and anything. It’s the only time of the year that I’m happy.

22 hours of fasting is on its way 😊 May Allah swt make it easy for us and reward us for our patience & steadfastness.


When Muslims gets happy that they won’t be eating for 22 hours a day, for 30 days lol 🙊 Lord help us.
For non Muslims - read into the amazing benefits of fasting for 30 days and the positive effect this has on your body. It renews, regenerates, cleanses yours body & so much more.


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