For a successful Ramadan this year, we need to start preparing for it from now

 Ramadan is coming  Time for the Playboys to turn into Prayboys  & the Barbies  into Hijabis  

Ramadan is almost upon us! Yay! Seriously, you know you’re a Muslim when you get so hyped for a month where you can’t eat or drink for most of the day and you feel tired and crabby and can’t do anything during the day…but still feel incredibly cheerful at the thought of. I LOVE RAMADAN. I don’t care if I can’t eat/drink. I love the whole month. Makes me so happy.

Interesting thing… For as long as I can remember, iftar got later every evening as Ramadan went on because the earliest Ramadans I remember were in winter and they began to slowly move towards fall and summer (and the days kept getting longer, so Maghrib was later). But now… Ramadan will cross the summer solstice for the first time in my life. The summer solstice (June 21st) is the longest day of the year. Ramadan starts June 18th. This means that for four days, iftar will get later every day—as is usual—but once we cross the summer solstice, the days begin getting slightly shorter. This means iftar will actually start getting earlier for the rest of Ramadan because Maghrib will be like a minute (or 30 seconds) earlier every day. I find that so cool because I’ve never experienced that. Also, it’ll be a relief, lol.

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