If I have ever said anything offensive or wronged you even without knowing, please forgive me. May Allah bless you with the chance to see this Ramadan and allow it to ease your heart even slightly, that strengthens your Eman, cleanse your soul and for it to continue until after Ramadan for years to come. May Allah keep our hearts so pure that the words on our screens and on our tongues reflect the state of our hearts.

Today is the last Friday before Ramadan. Let your heart sight Ramadan before your eyes sight the moon. Turn to Allah in anticipation of it and beg Him to allow you to witness it. Greet the month by shedding your sinful habits and demonstrating a readiness to change.
Oh Allah allow us to witness Ramadan with our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Let it come and do away with the sins that have soiled our records for the last 11 months. ameen

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