10 rules for a successful Ramadan:

  1. Have the hunger for success
  2. Set your goals and set them high
  3. Build confidence that you can achieve these goals
  4. Do what you love to do (example: If you love praying late into the night, still keep doing that in shaa Allah)
  5. Study the people of success (such as the Prophets, Sahabiyaat, people you can gain Islamic knowledge from)
  6. Be in the company of the successful
  7. Go all out and work hard
  8. Be adaptive, realistic, and never lose hope. ( example: if you decide I’m going to praying all the rak’ah for Tarawih and end up missing the Fajr prayer then that would not be a realistic goal. Rather set achievable and realistic goals and in shaa Allah work up from there)
  9. Remind yourself of the virtue and the reward from Allah Azza Wa Jal
  10. Never give up; one minute of your devotion to Allah during Ramadan could be your ticket to Jannah

To Do List:

  1. Sort your priorities, Fard always comes first then the exclusive acts such as Tarawih (this is a “seasonal act”; it doesn’t come all the time so take advantage of it, another example would be Suhr)
  2. Add a new value to your life; bring change
  3. Prepare a dua for your family and yourself
  4. Upgrade your level of patience
  5. Serve for your Ramadan buddy (help each other out more during this blessed month in shaa Allah) 

Not To Do List:

  1. Do not procrastinate
  2. Do not kill your time
  3. Avoid excessiveness
  4. Do not put your life on hold thinking I’ll do this later
  5. Do not regret
Alhamdulillah that is the end of all the categories and jazakAllah to Sh. Yaser Birjas for all his efforts. In shaa Allah may we all have a successful Ramadan this year!
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