Watching TV is a reason for ones heart to harden and blacken due to the corruption that lies in most TV shows and movies nowadays.

In the Middle East, and for many years now, the people have taken up on a bad habit, especially during RamaDaan, which is that they spend much of this precious time watching Arabic (or other) TV shows and series. There are dozens of so-called “RamaDaan shows” that are prepared all year for this blessed month, however, these shows are in fact a work of the devils in an effort to trick the Muslims in their time during RamaDaan. So instead of using their time in obedience, most people spend it in watching show after show and in eating meal after meal, after which somnolence and sleep take over their bodies and their time is lost in idleness and laziness, if not in sins.
I remind myself and you to make a firm intention now not to watch any TV shows or movies throughout the blessed month, and not to listen to western music, as all of these harden the heart and diminish its light. Instead, make an effort to listen to more Qur'aan and recite more of it, and listen to madeeh vs music, and attend many circles of knowledge and take on a daily wird. Make special goals for RamaDaan and have a determination to achieve them. It is very doable and easy for whomever Allaah makes it easy on.
Eat with a good intention, drink with a good intention, and sleep/rest with a good intention. Without a good intention, the deeds will entail no reward. For the Messenger of Allaah, Sallallaahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said, “Surely, the (good) deeds are only by the (good) intentions (i.e., seeking the reward from Allaah only by such deed).”
May Allaah bless your time and your health. Aameen
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