The main thing that will aid you if you’re working hard labor and fasting for a long time would be proper nutrition

  • - Drink plenty of water in the morning and at night to hydrate 
  • - Consider drinking coffee at suhoor for a caffeine boost 
  • - Get a decent amount of high quality protein in the morning and at night 
  • - Eat no sugar added yogurt in the morning (this is the best trick to keep thirst at bay)
  • - Eat healthy fats like olive oil and avocados 
  • - Get fiber in your morning suhoor 
  • - Avoid processed sugar and deep fat fried foods so that you don’t feel sluggish 
  • - Eat high nutrient dense foods and avoid low nutrient dense foods so that your body can run best on a low amount of food (this doesn’t mean low calorie foods) 
  • - Avoid salty foods & adding too much salt
  • - Balance your suhoor; have complex carbs, high quality protein, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies with dairy 
  • - Eat a good Iftar. Break your fast with 3-7 dates for a quick sugar boost. Then, don’t give in to cravings and grab Nutella and soda. Instead, make and eat balanced meal and snack on healthy foods until you sleep. Make sure to drink water. Snacks include: fresh veggies, whole grain crackers, fresh fruits with honey, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, hummus and whole grain pita, etc.

OTHER TIPS (not related to food):
  • - Make this dhikr before you sleep that the prophet (pbuh) recommended for energy: (Alhumdulillah 33x, SubhanAllah 33x, Allahu Akbar 34x) 
  • - Don’t stay up all night watching TV or chatting with friends. If you are going to stay up at night be at the masjid praying taraweeh. Otherwise, sleep so you’re not so exhausted at work. 
  • - After work take a 30-45 minute nap (or more if you need it). It’s okay to nap, just don’t let yourself sleep 4 hours (unless maybe you plan on praying taraweeh and need that sleep)
  • - Read Quran, listen to lectures, etc. while relaxing (like reclining on your couch) 
  • - If you have to do chores or more rigorous activities at home, do them right after Iftar if possible 
  • - Sleep right after isha (if you’re not going to taraweeh) 
  • - If during the week you are so exhausted from work that you come home and rest and then eat and then sleep, then make your weekends your time to focus on Islam. Stay home, relax, and read Quran/other Islamic activities 
  • - If at all possible, take some days off when needed. 
  • - Use your “lunch” break at work (if you have one) to sit and relax. 
  • - Don’t miss salat. Not only will it invalidate your fasts, but by praying it - it will give you the energy and motivation you need
  • - Keep a positive outlook, focus on work and don’t focus on food or how thirsty you may be 
  • - Wear light comfortable clothing if you can (if you’re in heat) 
  • - When you need a refresher brush your teeth and wash your face with cold water
  • - There’s really no need for you to workout this month. Your work is your exercise.

These are random tips I mainly got from my brother who used to work a more labor intense job in the heat during the summer while fasting. The key is nutrition though.
Alhumdulillah your job is in the morning when your energy is highest and there is more food in your tummy :) InshAllah this Ramadan is easy for you and you continue to do amazing! May Allah ﷻ bless you!
I hope these help, if anyone else has anymore tips PLEASE feel free to add them or message them to me to add :)
May Allah ﷻ grant us Ramadan!

source : formyummah tumblr
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