If you come across Muslim people or have Muslim friends/acquaintances and they tell you they’re fasting, please refrain from using negative language like “That must be so hard! I could never do that! I feel so sorry for you!”
I assure you that there is no need to feel sorry for us. Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar, and for most people who observe it, it is enjoyable and almost a celebration of sorts. It is a time of peace. It is a communal activity. It unites all Muslims as we fast together, we eat together, we worship together. Refraining from food and drink from dawn to dusk teaches us self-discipline and sets an example for just how much self-discipline humans possess. Also, a lot of us start fasting at quite a young age so we know what we need and how to fast safely. It teaches us gratitude. it teaches us empathy. We exercise a lot of will power to not eat during daylight hours, we feel what it is like to go hungry, and we give thanks that we have food available to us at dusk. It is a time of charity - generosity in the Muslim community is at its peak during this month.
All that being said, if you have questions, ask. If possible, be a bit more tolerant - when people don’t eat they become tired and easily irritable. Perhaps be mindful: I know I really appreciate it when someone asks me to make sure I’ll be okay if they eat or drink in front of me, or if they go out for lunch and they let me know I’d be welcome to join for the conversation and company if I was feeling up to it.
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