All praise is due to Allah the Lord of all that exist, and may peace and blessings be upon His slave and messenger, our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.
We praise Allah, Exalted be He, Most High, that He has blessed us to reach this month (i.e. of Ramadan) and we ask him, Exalted and Most High, to assist us and you in doing righteous actions therein and to seal it for us with good and upright deeds.
The Muslim is always upon good, especially when Allah blesses him to reach the month of Ramadan and other than it from the seasons of worship, and gives him success in taking advantage of it and utilizing it in that which it has been legislated for. In opposition to the people of Hirmaan (Deprivation), whose lives are a curse upon them. Days, even months of good pass them by while they are in heedlessness, turning away.
So a person is either going to spend his time in good, thus it will return back to him with benefit or he is going to utilize his time in evil, and so it will return back upon him with harm. Just like (the Prophet) (sallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:
“Everyone starts his day as a vendor of his soul, either freeing it or bringing about its destruction.” [Muslim: 223]
Therefore, the person is held (responsible) for cultivating his soul and rectifying it. So if he takes care of it properly, purifies it with obedience and grabs hold of its reins and drives it to that which will benefit it, then he has done good in his ri’aayah (guardianship), and the guardianship of oneself comes first, then comes guarding and caring for others.
However, if he fails to govern himself, then he will never be able to govern anybody else. If he allows himself to do as it pleases from (indulging) in sins and laziness, then he has neglected himself; and when a person neglects himself, then what or who will he preserve after that?
A person’s soul is the most precious thing to him and this is why Allah, Exalted is He,
“And by the soul and Him Who perfected him in proportion; Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him; Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self, (i.e. obeys and performs all that Allah has ordered, by following the true Faith of Islaam and by doing righteous actions.)” [91:7-9]
Purifies it means to cleanse it from sins and evil actions and perfect it by way of obedience and goodness. This is the one who purifies himself.
“And indeed he fails who corrupts his own self, (i.e. by disobeying what Allah has ordered by rejecting the true Faith of Islaam or by following polytheism and by committing every kind of sin.)” [91:10]
Meaning: Corrupting it by doing sins and evil actions. He disregarded it (i.e. his soul) and left it to do as it wished. Due to this He, The Most High, says:
“The Day when man shall remember what he strove for. And Hell-Fire shall be made apparent in full view for (every) one who sees.” [79:35-36]
And Hell-Fire shall be made apparent in full view for (every) one who sees. ”[79:36]
This means manifested.
“For (every) one who sees.”
He will see it with his (own) eye(s). We haven’t seen the Hell-Fire that Allah is referring to (yet). Rather, it is from the knowledge of the unseen; however, we still believe in it and do the actions that will keep us far away from it although we haven’t seen it.
However, in the Hereafter the individual will (actually) witness it in front of his face.
“And Hell-Fire shall be made apparent in full view for (every) one who sees.”[79:36]
After it had been from the knowledge of the unseen and it was hidden (from us), it will be displayed and manifested before the eyes of the people.
“Then, for him who Taghaa (transgressed all bounds in disbelief, oppression and evil deeds of disobedience to Allah). And preferred the life of this world (by following his evil desires and lust). Verily his abode will be the Hell-Fire.”[79:37-39]
And what an evil destination (I seek refuge with Allah from it). His abode will be the Hell-Fire, he will not find no other abode besides it. We ask Allah for safety and wellbeing.
“But as for him who feared standing before his Lord…..” [79:40]
He feared the examination of His Lord, Allah and standing in front of Him being called to account. And every soul will soon meet Allah and stand in front of Him and Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) will reckon him.
“… and restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts.” [79:40]
He feared Him in this world and thus worked righteousness for His sake and prepared (himself) for the meeting with Him (i.e. Allah).
“… and restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts. Verily, Paradise will be his abode.” [79:40-41]
It is the everlasting abode; a Paradise that its width is like the heavens and the earth.
But as for the Hell-Fire, and Allah’s refuge is sought; then it is (very) tight, wretched, harsh, painful and severe. [It is the abode] and residing place, where he [the disbeliever] will have no hope of exiting there from; rather, (he will know that) it is his permanent and everlasting residence.
So what is the difference between the one who the Hell-Fire will be his abode and who the Paradise will be his abode? A enormous difference that cannot be (fully) comprehended or grasped by the minds. This is the categorization of the creation on the Day of Resurrection: A group in Paradise and a group in the Blazing Fire.
The reason: The actions of a person in this worldly life of good and/or bad. And Allah, (Jalla wa ‘Alaa), has made for His believing slaves (specific) times whereby they can draw close to Him with acts of obedience and execute that which Allah has mandated upon them, therefore they will succeed and gain the pleasure of Allah, (Jalla wa ‘Alaa) and enter into His Paradise on the Day of Resurrection.
But if they disregard that which their Lord (Allah), has prescribed for them, and follow behind their lusts and evil desires and squander away the obligations of Allah and perpetrate that which Allah has prohibited, then Allah has prepared for them,
“… a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern and severe, who disobey not from executing the Commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they have been commanded.” [66:6]
So in this month, O Muslim, the doors are opened up for you and the ways to Paradise are made easy for you in this month just as the Prophet (sallahu ‘alayhiwasallam) has informed us that in this month (of Ramadan),
“The doors of the Fire are locked and the doors of Paradise are opened up (for the Believers).”(Bukhari:3277 and Muslim:1079)
(For) the Believers, the gates of the Fire are locked up from them in this month and thereby they embark (earnestly) upon the obedience of Allah, and the gates of Paradise are opened up for them. But as for the wretched, then the gates of the Hell- Fire are always open for them! This is because they do not know (the true essence) of this month or any other. All their concerns are their stomachs and desires and whatever else fulfills their allotments in this brief worldly life.
This (blessed) month nor other than it has any value to these people. But rather all their days and months are in loss. Along with the fact that they have the delight of having intellects, hearing and sight and also the (right) path has been made clear to them; however, they act as though they are blinded from (perceiving) this (reality). So they do not benefit from their hearts, nor their hearing or sight. This is why they are going to say on the Day of Judgment,
“…. ‘Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the Blazing Fire!” [67:10]
Meaning: Listened with acceptance and acted with (our) intellects or intellectually.
So they had intellects and hearing but they did not avail them whatsoever. Thus, their presence became as though they were non-existent.
“Had we but listened…”
…with a hearing that would have benefited us.
“Or used our intelligence.”
…with an understanding that would have benefitted us.
“…we would not have been among the dwellers of the Blazing Fire!” [67:10]
This is because no one will be from amongst the People of the Blazing Fire except the deaf, dumb and blind, who do not have any good in them whatsoever. We ask Allah for safety and well-being.
So in brief, this is a tremendous opportunity in your life O Muslim, so take advantage of it and ask Allah to assist you upon righteous actions in it, and ask Allah for acceptance and an increase from His bounty. For indeed the one who reaches this month of Ramadan, and Allah enables him to achieve benefit from it, then Allah has bestowed upon him a magnificent blessing that nothing can equal.
By Allah, the millionaires, owners of skyscrapers and realtors cannot equal this. By Allah, nothing can equal up to this month for the one who Allah, Exalted and Most High, grants success in it, even if he doesn’t own anything from this worldly life, not even a penny; if Allah bestows upon him (success) in this (blessed) month, then he is the one who truly profits and he is the rich person in reality. The rich person is not the individual who possesses the dunyah but spoils his aakhirah (afterlife); (if this is his case) he is poor and destitute and has ruined his dunyah and aakhirah.
The dunyah does not belong to anybody. The dunyah is swiftly passing and going away, it is not for anybody. It is only like a road that all of the people traverse upon then desert it and leave it for other than them (to tread).
We ask Allah, (‘Azza wa Jalla) to give us and you success and to take advantage of (our) time and race towards acts of obedience and repentance from sins and misdeeds.
And may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all of his companions.
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