Ramadan is my favorite month because everything just seems at peace and in place for thirty days. The strength in our Ummah increases immensely, and even though it does not last long, I savor it every time. Everyone is together, and everyone is happy. Genuinely happy. Regardless of all the burdens, and problems surrounding us, we all really forget them, and focus on striving to obtain a much stronger Imaan. You can eat Sehri or Iftaar alone, but know the amounts of brothers and sisters who could be in the same circumstances as you, but only miles away. Long Taraweehs and endless reading of verses of the Qur’an is just so comforting, because no matter how weak or astray you are, you turn to Allah for these days and you feel comfort and safety though that. Nonetheless, there are those who look down upon this rejuvenation and cleansing, who condescendingly coined the term “Ramadan Muslims”. However, it should be looked at as something beautiful, how quickly we turn to Allah and strive to maintain a strong relationship with our faith during this month. The gratification for our spirituality and ease we feel during the month is a reminder as to why Islam means Peace.

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