I’m so excited for this Ramadan omgsh. I can’t wait to make my somasa’s (amazing BTW), spend time with my family and friends. I can’t wait to do potlucks and share food with the neighbors. Omgsh and let’s not forget taraweh and tahaajuud! Aaaah I love Ramadan so much. May Allah increase us in faith and piety!
May Allaah have mercy on all of those that have past away and will not be with us this Ramadan! May Allah protect us all, forgive us and have mercy on us! Subhan’Allaah the month of blessings,mercy, forgiveness,and happiness is almost here. Alhamdulilah, All praise and thanks truly belong to Allaah subhanahu wa’ta’alaa 💕💓💞💕
I’m so excited for Ramadan…its literally right around the corner. There is no month greater and better than the Month of Ramadan. I can’t wait to make my somasas (I’m just saying they’re amazing), and get together with the family and friends. I can’t wait to do pot lucks and share food with the neighbors. Omgsh let’s not forget the prayers, aaah the prayers. I can’t wait for taraweh and tahaajuud(especially this prayer). No month makes me happier than this one. May Allah increase us in faith of Him and grant us piety, sincerity and patience.
This is the month of forgiveness, mercy, love, compassion and so much more. Subhan’Allaah, such a great blessing. May we all reach this Ramadan. I’m looking forward to also changing as a person for the better. May Allah aide us all.
May Allaah have mercy upon all of those that passed away. May He have mercy upon those that are suffering all around the world. There is so much khayr in this month, so don’t you forget you’re brothers and sisters in your duas. May He grant us all good and sincere hearts. May we all enter Jannah, and may we be neighbors!
I love you all, wallaahi 💞
Ramadan is a month that both washes and burns. It washes the hearts of the sinners with the water of repentance and burns the bodies of the servants with the fire of hunger.”  

OMG extra excited about Ramadan :D can't wait to get rid of all my sins and go for taraweeh and listen to the imam recite and try to get in the first row and iftar and suhoor times and trying to finish the Quran.. Welcome Ramadan <3 you have been missed!
i’m so excited for ramadan looking for the moon and when we see it everyONE YELLS AND HUGS AND SWEETS AND THE MOSQUE MAKES AN ANOUNCEMENT ITS G R EA T ANd then staying up all night bc there is no wAY i will be able to wake up at three to eat and all of us are sitting together talking and keeping each other awake and then we eat and oH THE STRUGGLE TO DIRNK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN BEFORE THE ADHAN THAT IS GLORIOUS ANd you wake up feeling fat and “WHO CAN FINISH THE QURAN FIRST” races and complaining about how hungry you are and talking about how much food you’re going to eat when in reality you’ll eat barely a thing and THEN TARAWEEH WHEN YOU’RE ALL TIRED AND FULL AND EVERY TIME YOU FINISH ONE PRAY ER YOU MESS AROUND FOR TWENTY MINUTES BY THE TIME YOU’RE DONE ITS ONE IN THE MORNING AND THEN ITS EID DONT GET ME STARTED THERE I'M SO EXCITED 
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