Drink lots and lots of water before sunrise. Stay hydrated as much as you can before sunrise because it keeps you from feeling hungry throughout the day. Being dehydrated actually causes one to feel more hungry and fast so you definitely don’t want that throughout the day.

To stay full throughout the day eat satiating foods before sunrise/after sunset. Eat lots of protein because it’s the most satiating kind of food and keeps you feeling full longer. So before sunrise eat egg whites, white meat, snack on beans, nuts, legumes, lentils, anything rich in protein. Throw in carbs too (like bread and such) because that helps. Avoid fatty foods because they make you feel hungry fast!
Get a headstart on Ramadan to get used the fasting lifestyle when the actual time comes. Begin fasting maybe 2-3 days before Ramadan. The first week is usually the toughest but your body gets used to it after that. Therefore starting a bit early is only advantageous for the actual month of Ramadan.
Definitely say bismillah before every meal and alhamdulillah after every meal to increase barakah in your meal. It’s sunnah to eat sitting on the floor so do that as well to increase barakah. Every time you feel hungry or thirsty try to recite a prayer or distract yourself with something spiritual (like reading Qu’ran, etc).
And I think that’s all. I hope this helps and good luck this Ramadan!!
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