he Qur'aan is the Holy Book Revealed to Prophet Muhammad . It has been preserved from his time and will remain unchanged until the Day of Judgment. Reciting from the Qur'aan and listening to it, are very rewardable and blessed deeds. It is a cause for a person’s heart to be softened, and contains many secrets. SubHanallaah, even looking at the Qur'aan alone with the intention of glorification contains reward. Allaah ta^aalaa said in the Qur'aan what means, “And Allaah would cure by it (the Qur'aan) the hearts of those who believed.”
Furthermore, Imaam Muslim narrated that the Messenger of Allaah  said, “Read al-Qur'aan because indeed al-Qur'aan will come as an intercessor.” Imaam Al-Bukhaariyy narrated through the route of ^Uthmaan ibn ^Affaan that the Messenger of Allah  said, “(Among) The best among you are those who learn al-Qur'aan and taught it.”
The person must keep in mind, however, that to gain any of the benefits from the Qur'aan and to get reward, one must read the verses on someone first from someone who read on someone, from someone who read on someone, and so on with a continuous chain going back to the Prophet . It was narrated that someone asked the Prophet, “Does someone have to learn to recite Qur'aan?” So the Prophet said, “Does the recitation of Qur'aan benefit you without you learning?” So there is no reward without learning how to recite the Qur'aan properly, saying all the letters from their exits, and the sincere intention.
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